Chainsaw Competition

Steward: Shane Ryan, 0428 131 864      Entry fee:  $5 per event


  1. Novice (Saw supplied)
  2. Experienced (Saw supplied)
  3. Under 80cc Visual
  4. Under 100cc Visual
  5. Under 100cc Modified
  6. Open Speed Cut
  7. Open Post Rip

Prizes and Prizemoney!

1. Boots must be steel cap and in good condition.
2. Safety chaps or trousers must be worn by ALL competitors.
3. Head, eye and ear protection to be worn during events Australian Safety Standard Tick
4. Tight fitting clothes to be worn by all competitors
5. Chief steward on the day will check all equipment prior to racing.
6.Competitors must have attained the age of 16 years to compete in any event.
7. Chain brake systems must be operational if equipped.
8. No loose handles or broken components on chainsaw and must have complete sprocket cover.
9. Bar covers must be fitted when saw is not in use.
10.Competitors must wedge away from the crows.
11.Competitors MUST NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
12.Officials and Competitors only in cutting area.
13.NO drop starts. Instant disqualification. Chainsaw must be placed on the ground or between the knees for support when starting.
14.Operator needs to be in complete control of chainsaw. A hand on each handle at all times, with thumb and fingers wrapped around top handle.


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